What are somethings that Americans should take into account when doing business in the Middle East?

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In terms of cultural differences, negotiation strategies, etc…


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American friends of mine are very outgoing. They are very close to me so I can say this – they are outspoken, they feel like they know everything. They speak at times when they should not. When a Americans stay here for a short term, they may get away with being themselves, as they would only come across travellers and guests of this region. But when they are involved in doing business in this region that’s when they would get to know very sophisticated and super smart businessmen. Being American you would try to negotiate something and feel like you have talked your way into a successful deal – but trust me you have not. Things take time here. Nothing needs to be done in one sitting.

-Choose your words wisely
-Speak when you need to
-Praise them
-Be Patient

-Be cocky
-Give up
-Cross your legs

These are just off the top my head. There are many things American that not might not work here. But being modest and respectful will take you a very long way. Let me tell you this, once you pass this stage of winning the trust and faith from people, there is no turning back. You will become a very essential part of the big, fat, happy family.


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