What are somethings that Americans should take into account when doing business in the Middle East?

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In terms of cultural differences, negotiation strategies, etc…


Dinesh Mokariya, Fixing B2B Trade Marketplace at IshtoApp.com

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Am I a dreamer or just another fool!?

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You see that picture above – it is a face of a hopeful dreamer. A dreamer that wants to see his family happy. He wants to make living in the industry where there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people trying to survive and compete.

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How can I setup a one man company in Dubai and what will be the associated costs?

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The short answer that no one likes is that – it depends on the nature of your business.

You said one man company – meaning you can only go for FZE (Free Zone Est.).  This is offered by many in Dubai – eg, Internet company is registered in Internet City (Free Zone), Education company in Knowledge Village (Free Zone), Media company in Media City, International Business company in Dubai World Central (Free Zone) and Consultancy of any kind in Jumeirah Lakes Tower (Free Zone).

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How do importers make profit?

How do importers make money? This question appeared on Quora.

Dinesh Mokariya shares his experience in Dubai market in import/export business. He shares how he makes profit as new entrant in the market and the competitors offered better prices for the food products. Read in his words, what he has to offered:

Dinesh Mokariya’s answer:

“There are several ways of looking at this. And I am only stating my experiences from Dubai market.

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Comparison of Major B2B Trade Platforms


Alibaba, which was known among international traders for years, recently made headlines around the world for its historic IPO (Initial Public Offering) on the New York Stock Exchange.  Alibaba was founded by Jack Ma in Hangzhou, China in 1999.  A pioneer in the world of connecting buyers and suppliers, Alibaba has established itself as the leader and the go-to platform for international trade transactions.

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International Trade Powerhouses

India and China, both with populations over 1 Billion, have a long history of trade and cooperation.  The Silk Road was an important trade route which connected China with the west through India as far back as second century BC.  Traders brought textiles, ebony, and spices across the 6,347 kilometer route.  The historically important trade route was also responsible for the spread of Buddhism.  In addition to the Silk Road, the spice routes that passed through India brought cinnamon, cassia, cardamom, ginger, pepper, and turmeric to Europe and Africa, having a huge impact on the way people prepared food.

In 1950, India was the first non-socialist country to recognize the People’s Republic of China as the legitimate government of China.  The 1960s were a time of tension for China and India as disputes over land rights led to military conflicts.

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Top 10 Export Opportunities to India

India, with a population of over 1.25 Billion, has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, growing at over 7% annually.  India is also one of the youngest countries in the world, with two thirds of the country below the age of 35.  As India’s middle class grows, so does the need for new products.  Below are the top 10 export opportunities to India.

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The ‘m’ and the ‘e’ in Commerce

Have you ever wondered why there are the lowercase letters m and e before the word commerce when speaking about importing and exporting?

It is in fact very simple. The lowercase e stands for electronic, which creates the expression electronic commerce, hence e-commerce.

The other lowercase, m, stands for mobile. Mobile commerce refers to commercial transactions conducted electronically by mobile phone. As you can tell, m-commerce is more specific and follows the natural development of human connectivity.

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Ishto Teaser Video

We know that this is not the best teaser video in the world – but this is what we get when we are bootstrapping.

Amazing thing here is that we were able to list some of the very annoying stuff that we face on current trade platforms.

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Team Ishto!


Welcome to Ishto Blog!

We have been working really hard creating a platform for SMEs that is really easy to use, transparent, casual and productive. We are calling it Ishto.

At Ishto, we are committed to fixing global trade platform – creating a new way for suppliers, buyers, manufacturers and SMEs to find potential international and local business partnerships.

We are dedicated to our mission to help SMEs and people find opportunities to grow and to open endless possibilities for them.

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