What is the best way to find an import/export mentor?

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What is the best way to find an import/export mentor?

Several months ago I started reading about careers that would not only allow me to work for myself, but also to travel a bit. Import/Export seems like it may be a good fit but I am having some trouble getting started. I’ve done some reading and research but would like to find a mentor.

I am currently considering writing down a list of the questions that I have, looking for import/exporters on linked in and asking if they will allow me to interview them. From that point, depending on rapport, I can ask if they are interested in mentoring me. I’ve never done this before and was wondering if anyone can recommend a different approach to finding a mentor or is interested in being a mentor.

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How to Find Your Goldmine – Suppliers and Buyers Guide

The List to Find Suppliers and Buyers for Your Business

If you’ve ever been looking for a supplier to your business, whether you export or import goods, you know it can be a big hassle to find quality suppliers. We all understand that a certain level of due diligence has to be made in order to determine if the supplier is the right one, for your business.

A lot of the time, doing due diligence has to do with common sense and it include things such as ordering a test-batch, coming to terms of pricing, quality standards or specific product features.

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The ‘m’ and the ‘e’ in Commerce

Have you ever wondered why there are the lowercase letters m and e before the word commerce when speaking about importing and exporting?

It is in fact very simple. The lowercase e stands for electronic, which creates the expression electronic commerce, hence e-commerce.

The other lowercase, m, stands for mobile. Mobile commerce refers to commercial transactions conducted electronically by mobile phone. As you can tell, m-commerce is more specific and follows the natural development of human connectivity.

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Ishto Teaser Video

We know that this is not the best teaser video in the world – but this is what we get when we are bootstrapping.

Amazing thing here is that we were able to list some of the very annoying stuff that we face on current trade platforms.

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Team Ishto!


Welcome to Ishto Blog!

We have been working really hard creating a platform for SMEs that is really easy to use, transparent, casual and productive. We are calling it Ishto.

At Ishto, we are committed to fixing global trade platform – creating a new way for suppliers, buyers, manufacturers and SMEs to find potential international and local business partnerships.

We are dedicated to our mission to help SMEs and people find opportunities to grow and to open endless possibilities for them.

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