How do I buy local and export?

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How do I buy local and export?

I want to fulfill orders of apples for international buyers on AliBaba. How do I go about doing this.

I want to buy the apples from local growers and then ship them out to the people wanting them on AliBaba. How do I set this all up, how do I get suppliers to supply me locally. Who do I approach first.


Have you already found someone looking for apples on Alibaba?
If the answer is yes – then rest is easier to achieve.
Apple farmers have very limited buyers (big corporates, or its subsidies) hence, paying them very limited amount of money for their apples. They will be more than happy to sell it to you.
It depends from country to country – may be your country has limited apple farmers. To give you example if you were from India – India is one of top five apple growing countries (if I’m not wrong) and you can reach out to local farmers and offer them reasonable amount for their apples. Hire local transport company to ship those apples to a port and rest will be done by the buyer via Alibaba. Choosing shipping line, freight forwarder etc.

Although, if the answer is NO then many things come into picture – whether you can negotiate right amount with buyer on Alibaba for your apples – keeping your margin and farmer’s rightful margin.

If you don’t know where to find these farmers then go on and download Ishto mobile app. You will find couple of apple growers there. PS: Ishto is our startup – we’re trying to help farmers and SMEs get online and sell to someone who offers them good money in return of hard work and day and night guarding those apples.


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